About The Scuba Diver Store

In January of 2009, Wayne set out to start The Scuba Diver Store. To make up the staff Wayne asked a number of dive buddies (Instructors & Dive Masters) to help him add to the diversity and abilities of The Scuba Diver Store.  If you ever need anything or have a problem, call and it will get taken care of.
Our Goals are simple:
  • We want you as a customer now and in the future.
  • We want to be different from the other online stores you could go to.
  • We want to be as successful as we can by running this business honestly, efficiently and by making things as simple as possible.
  • We would like to gain market share locally and nationwide by having the lowest prices. This is absolutely true; we have all our prices at the lowest our suppliers allow.
  • We want to continue to grow by giving you the largest selection of products available.
This last part quite honestly is not a fact yet, but we are working on that daily; we hope you will be our customer now and in the future when that becomes an undeniable fact.
We hope you enjoy shopping with us.