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This is our Brand list.     Regardless of Brand, if you don’t see it on our site ask if we can get it and we’ll do our best.      If you don’t see it, ask!!
Over time we have kept the Brands that sell best for us, treat us well and service us perfectly. If you don’t see it here, we either never had it due to OUR DECISION to not carry them, or had a Brand and dropped it due to their products and/or how they treated us and/or serviced repairs and/or warranties. In other words, some Brands have not treated us very well so we no longer carry them. In most cases, if we don’t carry it, we don’t think you should buy it. We are selective and so should you be. We carry what works best for us. But even still, if you don’t see it, ask and we possibly can get it or will add it to our open Brands.

The Air Line hookahs, AkonaAnalox, BigBlue, BlueSteel, Brownies 3rd Lung Hookahs, Brownies 3rd Lung Compressors, Catalina, Cressi, 

COLTRI CompressorsFrogSpit, Genesis, H2O, Humminbird, Ikelite, Innovative Scuba, IST, JBL, JW Fishers, L&W Compressors, Lowrance, Marine Diving, 

Marine Sports, McNet, Mustang Survival, Navico, Ocean Reef, Omni-Swivel, Princeton Tec, ScubaMax, Seac, SeaSoft, SeaPearls, Seiko, Sherwood, Sinrad,  SubSalve, 

Spare Air, Tovatec, TridentUW Kinetics, XsScuba, YachtPro Compressors

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High ticket items have a high percentage of card fraud use that we can’t afford. We may contact you to show us the card you used via photo with your thumb over most of the numbers, yet showing the last 4 numbers. Our system only shows us the last 4. We will request this of new customers that purchase over $700