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On 11-26-2023 Neal M. from Imperial Beach, CA wrote:

I would like to thank you for the fast delivery of a JW Fisher Pulse 8 battery.  It has taken me a while to email you but I really appreciate the great service.

On 1-22-2022 Glen C. from Beverly hills, CA wrote:

Wayne at gave me the best deal ever on a new Sherwood Oasis regulator with DIN first stage in spite of the ongoing supply chain crisis.  Nobody else could do that for me, I had even tried eBay.  Thanks!

On 8-20-2019 Dave Mack from Happy Camp, CA wrote:

“I have been working through Wayne at The Scuba Diver Store to resolve a problem with a product that I bought; and Wayne seriously advocated for me with the product manufacturer until the problem was resolved, and then some. This is a great store to do business with!  Dave Mack”


n 7-17-2017 Mark from Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada wrote:

“Big thanks, happy to have done business with you”

On 6-7-2019 Clint from Fort Walton Beach, FL wrote:


Just wanted to let you know the regulators got here yesterday. Thank you so much! Next time I need gear I’ll be heading to your website. Have a great weekend.


On 2-18-2019 Christopher from NJ asked in regard to his recently purchased JW Fishers Pulse 8X:

“I was wondering how most people secure the underwater headphone.  I can’t seem to find any easy way to secure it in position over my ear”

We responded with: “Thanks for asking, most people feel the headphone is so loud that they don’t try to have it anywhere near their ear, but instead have it on a pouch on their upper BC strap OR WHAT I THINK IS BETTER, have a hood on, put it down the suit neck and up the hood AND HAVE IT PLACED on the back of their neck. That back of the neck void or natural pocket seems to work great and it is still easily heard.

Let us know if that works for you or not.”

On May 15, 2014 Rob Medley wrote:


I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me! truly has the best products and best prices!!

You go above for your customers!!! Customer service is far beyond top notch too!!!! I cannot recommend your site enough to any diver!

Thank you so much for everything and I will be back to shop again asap!!!!


Rob Medley”

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High ticket items have a high percentage of card fraud use that we can’t afford. We may contact you to show us the card you used via photo with your thumb over most of the numbers, yet showing the last 4 numbers. Our system only shows us the last 4. We will request this of new customers that purchase over $700