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Grey Market Scuba Diving Products

Most equipment manufacturers indicate to their authorized dealers a lowest acceptable sale price for their products. This price is called the MAP price … “Minimum Authorized Price”. There is the wholesale price, which is the price the authorized dealer buys at, and the MSRP or “Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price” and then the MAP price somewhere in between. We sell everything at that MAP price from every manufacturer. If a legitimate authorized dealer sells below the MAP price, they can lose their dealership. Some other online Scuba equipment stores will secretly contact an authorized dealer to buy large quantities of product at just over that wholesale cost and then sell it just a little bit higher than their cost … beating every other retailer’s price. They do this so the Manufacturer does not know where they are getting the product and therefore can’t take their dealership way. These products will not come with a Manufacturer warranty card … that is the first give way of spotting a Grey Market product.

Because any retailer that does this (or something similar) can’t lose their dealership because they don’t have one to lose, they can sell Gray Market items for less. Unfortunately, this price savings is only on the initial purchase; because service and support is more difficult to obtain, it may end up costing the consumer more in the long run.

Who is an authorized dealer of the equipment I want to buy? sells only products that come from an authorized dealer or can legitimately repurchase from an authorized dealer The Scuba Diver Store has a buying relationship with. Any item purchased through has availability after the sale for service, support and warranties on all Scuba Diver Store purchases. ensures the products they sell are fully certified, legitimate and safe. If you visit any Manufacturers website they usually have a “find a dealer” or similar area. If you find a store there, they are ok … then it is just a matter of price and service … The Scuba Diver Store has everyone beat in that area. cannot provide service, support or downloads for products that have been obtained by way of Grey Market means.

How do I know if the competitor to The Scuba Diver Store is offering to sell a “Grey Market” product?

If the deal was just too good to be true, it probably was. One of the first indicators a piece of merchandise might be Gray Market is if the price is considerably less than most other resellers.

Additionally, a genuine product will include an Owners’ Manual and Warranty Registration card in English. It will also include power cables and chargers (if applicable) designed for US style plugs. Any other language on the printed material or wrong cables indicates a Gray Market item.

Another indication of a Gray Market product would be photocopied manuals or manually created software CD’s. The Scuba Diver Store always provides professionally printed or duplicated materials with genuine products.

What does owning a “Grey Market” product mean to you?

It means you’re stuck with that product, for whatever that entails. No warranty, service, or support. The Scuba Diver Store cannot provide any technical support or warranty service on Gray Market items. Additionally, The Scuba Diver Store cannot perform any fee-based repair work on Gray Market items. Please do not contact The Scuba Diver Store for help with any Gray Market products. Please contact the reseller or importer of your Gray Market items for warranty and service information as well as software updates and downloads.

Does owning a “Grey Market” product mean I don’t have a warranty?

Maybe … you really want to take a chance? If I were you, I would rely on The Scuba Diver Store for a reliable, warrantied Scuba gear purchase.

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High ticket items have a high percentage of card fraud use that we can’t afford. We may contact you to show us the card you used via photo with your thumb over most of the numbers, yet showing the last 4 numbers. Our system only shows us the last 4. We will request this of new customers that purchase over $700