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Diver’s Journal

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Please enjoy reading some of our and our customers experiences. Feel free to submit your own story for our posting consideration.

Boat dive off Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii
Ever since I was PADI certified in the summer of 2005 I have been itching to go diving in Hawaii where I have lived since 2004. I don’t know anyone that has their own gear so finding someone to dive with has been a challenge. Then a couple years ago my Dad (Wayne the Founder of TSDS) and I went diving together off the coast of Hawaii Kai, Oahu. It was the first dive of mine since having moved here to Hawaii over 8 years ago, and to have done my first dive here in Hawaii with my Dad will forever be a fond memory of mine. Thanks Dad for taking me out and making my first experience a fond one with you!
David, Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii
Big Island of Hawaii, South of Kona
My husband and I had done one shore dive and were doing our surface interval prior to our second dive when I noticed a pod of bottle nose dolphins surfacing every once in a while out in the bay about 300 yards way always in the same place. I mentioned that it would be so cool to go out and see them but we would probably scare them away. My husband is a very experienced diver and said “if you want, I will take you out there”. We geared up, he took my hand and said we are going down about 20 feet, you squeeze my hand when you see the dolphin. We submerged and all he did was stare at his compass and depth gauge, keeping us at the exact heading and depth. With dive flag in tow, after a short while I squeezed his hand. We were right at the edge of what I counted to be about 60 dolphins swimming up and down in a 30 foot diameter circle. I never found out exactly what they were doing swimming in a large cylinder pattern from surface to bottom (about 90 feet), I think that is the way they sleep, half of them awake and half sleeping. Anyway, we just hovered and watched for about 15 minutes. I will remember that for the rest of my life. I guess this is one good reason to have learned compass work well, way back when. 
Janet, Greendale, Wisconsin
Bonne Terre Mine, Missouri
Its January and you have Cabin Fever with nothing but ice to dive under … no open water. Go to Bonne Terre Mine, Missouri. Even though it rarely happens, I try to go every year. Go to and you will see everything about it. Underground stable air and water temperatures, safe and well run operation, a little pricey (at least I think so) but overall you get a good value for your money.
Jim, Franklin, Wisconsin
Just south of Kona, Big Island, Hawaii
I try to go there a couple times a year or so. The Hawaiian culture, scenery, clear water, and welcoming people are what keep me coming back every year. The City of Refuge … if you get to know some locals on the west side of the Big Island, the sunset side, Kona side, they may tell you where a secret is hiding … where mostly only they go … their equivalent of a tailgate party … the City of Refuge. If someone tells you where it is you will have a great dive with plenty of solitude. This is one of those things you will have to experience for yourself. I just can’t tell you how to get there or the locals would be mad at me. It is not on any map. You have to earn this one and it is worth it. Go to Kona, behave yourself and respect the island and maybe someone will give you “accurate directions.” If you really get to know them they will tell you as they have told me where the turtle cleaning stations are … dozens of turtles … so cool!
Wayne, staff
Electric Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Want to see hundreds of fish and take a wild ride at the same time? Electric Beach is a park on the south-south west side of Oahu. You scuba out a hundred yards and there is a twelve foot pipe water exhaust from the power plant there (easy way to find it). From there, go look at the hundreds of fish and then “swim into the flow” where you will shoot a hundred feet before you slow down … and then go do it again. Watch for the turtles here, they are there they just blend in with the color of the rocks. DON’T touch or even get in there way otherwise there is a big $ fine to pay (and no I did not get fined ;).
Wayne, staff
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Be “IRIE” … (a Jamaican noun meaning good, excellent, great and good quality) and enjoy the island, its people and food. Get a headache from the night before, but don’t wander off alone or for that matter anywhere beyond the tourist areas. You will not make it back or worse, be forced to spend all your money on ganja. Diving, forget it, reefs are dead. Some remote area boat dives are ok, but enjoy above water, as they say, “horizontal or vertical Mahn” just enjoy! Oh on that subject, and from personal experience husbands, don’t leave your wife alone at a dance club or you will come back to hear she was asked if she dances as well horizontal as vertical!
Mystery Lady, Cudahy, Wisconsin (we know who she is)
Utila Island, Honduras
Had a great time everywhere! The people are great, the diving was very good and the dive center we used (Utila Dive Center) was fantastic. The Mango Inn’s staff was friendly and professional. Accommodations and restaurant were awesome. Can’t wait to go back!
Rob, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Morrit’s Tortuga Club/ Red Sail Sports – Grand Cayman
Spent a week in Grand Cayman at Morrit’s property and had a great time. Resort had all the amenities you could want in a dive resort. From their onsite location of Red Sail Sports Dive shop and boats, and of course professional dive master and instructors, everything was top notch. Entertainment in forms of live music, karaoke, and who can forget friendly bar staff was plentiful. Shopping of all forms available in Georgetown, just a ten minute ride across the island. Trips to HELL, Stingray City, the Turtle Farm, and The Tortuga Rum Company are highly recommended.
Rob, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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