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Choosing a Dive Resort / Dive Boat:

Ok, you have decided on where to go and now you need to decide who to dive with. CHECK THE DIVE BOATS ! 

You look at the Resort photos, check the boat photos if they have them, if not, ask for some. Some boats necessitate you being a 17-year-old strong acrobat to get in and out of. There are plenty of operations that have a large, stable boat, with an equipment table in the center to handle cameras and things, heavy sturdy ladder, or ladders to use, adequate tank racks, fresh water rinse hose and a toilet (head). That is what you want.

Don’t climb over transoms, don’t back flip into the water over the side. YOU NEED a ladder to get out, open transom (back of the boat) to do a Giant Stride entry into the water, enough room so that people are not crowded with equipment all over, especially not on the floor.

Check photos. Choose the Resort accordingly and you will not regret it.

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