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Mask Rx, Custom fit (choose type)


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Bonded Rx Lenses

YOU MUST mark your mask with a dark “dot” on the outside of the existing lens to mark the location of your pupil. READ THE PROCEDURE IN THE FULL DESCRIPTION BELOW:

Please be sure to read the Full Description below.

These are Custom fit to your supplied mask. All Prescriptions are manufactured, fit and placed by our Licensed Optometrist right here in Wisconsin. Due to the curing time of glue, the turn around time is about one (1) week from when we receive your mask. The price noted includes shipping back to you if you are in any one of the Fifty US States, otherwise like usual we need to quote shipping, so please email us your exact line by line address to us prior to purchase so that you can add the appropriate amount of additional shipping.

PROCEDURE TO MARK YOUR PUPILS ON YOUR MASK:     While having your mask on, look in a mirror, take a dark crayon or magic marker and put a dot where each pupil is (Don’t worry, on normal glass mask lenses the marker or crayon WILL COME OFF). Place the mask in a padded box in a way where not only will it not be damaged from shipping, but those “dots” will not be rubbed off. Ship it to us however you like. We will acknowledge our receipt via email, which also tells you an approximate date the mask will ship back to you.

THE REASON FOR THE “DOTS”     The Rx lens starts out (like regular glasses) with a 3″ diameter blank round lens. Just like with glasses frames the optometrist measures where your pupils are so the optical curve radiates in all directions from your pupil out, NOT just the center of wherever they could mount the Rx lens in your mask. This way, optically you will be looking through the new lenses with them centered on your eyes for optimal sight with no distortion.

If you have any questions, please call or email.



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Mask Rx, Custom fit (choose type)

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