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Global 45013, CGA 540 (O2) to 1/4 in NPTF Adapter, 1-514



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Global CGA 540 (O2) to 1/4 in NPTF Adapter # 45013ox


Adapts CGA 540 (oxygen) to 1/4″ NPTF. Brass fittings with a CGA outlet thread on one end and common 1/4″ pipe thread on the other. All brass adapters have a 3,000 psi service pressure except #45014 which goes to 6,000 psi. These devices allow the interconnection of CGA gas outlet ports for cylinder charging or special diving applications. Each fitting has a CGA male outlet thread (same as a CGA tank valve outlet thread) on one end and NPT on the other. GMC offers a complete line of fittings for manifolding gas storage cylinders into cascade systems.


Industrial / medical gases each have prescribed CGA (Compressed Gas Association) fittings to prevent accidental mixing and maintain commensurate pressure ratings. Each CGA fitting has a specific shape and thread which will MATE only to a matching fitting. Each matched fitting system is designated by a CGA number. GMC stocks manifolding hardware for standard breathing air to 3000 psi (CGA 346), hi-pressure breathing air (3000 – 5500 psi), oxygen (CGA 540), and inert gases like helium and argon (CGA 580). All commercial gas cylinders have specific CGA outlets on their valves, and a corresponding adapter / fitting is needed to mate with it. Direct valve connections require a nut and nipple (also called a tailpiece), to achieve a gas-tight seal.


Occasionally, thread adapters are required to convert CGA connections to more practical threading systems. Special converters are also used to interconnect CGA outlets where gases and pressures are compatible. GMC offers a variety of CGA nut / nipple connectors as well as CGA thread adapters and converters.


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Global 45013, CGA 540 (O2) to 1/4 in NPTF Adapter, 1-514

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