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Global 46331, Sherwood standard line valve, panel mount


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Global Valve: Line, Panel Mounted # 46331


Same as #46330, but with threaded neck to install in 1″ hole in control panels The most popular and rugged valve available for controlling directional air flow in compressor lines or scuba filler whips. Uses same internal parts as many scuba valves. Chrome brass body for 6,000 psi service. For rebuilt kit: Order #46332. Oxygen model of this valve: Order #46334OX. Additional Info: These special valves are used to protect pressure-sensitive components or to relieve pressure at some prescribed level in compressed air systems. Standard relief valves are designed for sudden, intermittent, and sporadic service, whereas “floater valves” activate slowly and are employed where frequent and prolonged valve openings may regularly occur.


Additional info: GMC manufacturers and distributes a large number of filling devices and related hardware for charging tanks with both DIN and YOKE-mode valves. In general, yoke systems are for 3,200 psi service, whereas DIN types rate at 4,500 psi. For more details see catalog page 52-53. CAUTION: THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR PURE OXYGEN / NITROX APPLICATIONS WITHOUT CERTAIN MODIFICATIONS.


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