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A diver controlled, underwater camera system with topside viewing.

The DHC-2 HD Diver Held Camera system is the next generation video camera now coming standard with full-HD 1080p video. The HD-TVI camera produces 1920 x 1080 (1080p) full-HD video for sharp, detailed imaging. HD-TVI technology supports longer cable transmission distances while allowing the picture to still travel over standard coax cable, producing a zero-latency, high definition video experience. It is the ideal tool for hull inspections, bridge inspections, or any of the numerous underwater structure inspections encountered by today’s commercial diver. This system provides a cost-effective method for underwater search and video inspections. The DHC-2 HD is an ideal tool for hull inspections, bridge inspections, or any of the numerous underwater structure inspections encountered by today’s commercial diver.

Lighting is provided by 3000 lumen lighting (two 1500 lumen LED lights). The camera operation and lighting are controlled with a switch on the rear of the camera housing and can also be controlled from the surface via the LED control box The DHC-2 HD can be carried by a diver or attached to any underwater structure for around-the-clock monitoring of underwater sites.. The DHC-2 HD uses power (100 to 240 vac) from the boat to operate its camera and lighting systems allowing for unlimited operating time.

The picture can be viewed on a video monitor, a TV with an HDMI output or Fishers VRM-2 HD. The entire video of that favorite dive site or inspection job can easily be recorded on Fishers’ VRM-2 HD. The VRM-2 HD has a built-in 10.4-inch flat screen ultra-bright display which makes it easy to see even on sunny days; and it has a built-in digital video recorder that records up to 12 hours of video on an SD card. Download the VRM-2 HD technical data sheet for additional information.

Older model DHC systems CANNOT be upgraded to HD technology due to the multiple hardware and software modifications. Please enquire about a credit towards a new system if HD capability is required.overed by JW Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty: Within 2 years of receiving the product there is any defect in material or workmanship, JW Fishers will repair or replace the product at their discretion. After 2 years there is a fee ($125 to $995 depending on the product) to check the problem with your product and respond with a plan and price to repair.

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1080p HD-TVI video

Standard system comes with 150 foot Kevlar reinforced cable. The cable has an in-line underwater connector near the housing which allows the umbilical to be separated from the camera housing for easy transport and storage of the system.

Surface powered for extended operations

Adjustable, 3000 lumen LED lighting

The system is backed by Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty.

Full features are explained at the JW Fishers site:

Please call or email us with any questions.


JW Fishers


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