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Ocean Reef VESPER – INTEGRATED HEADLIGHT (User or Factory installed)(24800), $289



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THIS ITEM, PRODUCT 24800 can be end user installed with no issues, but also can be FACTORY INSTALLED TO YOUR EXISTING OR MASK.  REQUIRES YOU SENDING YOUR MASK TO US or OCEAN REEF in California FOR INSTALL.

About Ocean Reef Vesper Fully Integrated Secondary Diving Light

Vesper Integrated Headlight:
The all-new Vesper is a lightweight, powerful, easy-to-use, fully integrated secondary diving light. It’s reduced size and patent pending placement inside the mask results in a unit that increases the negative buoyancy of the system while being incredibly comfortable. The Vesper is: Smaller, lighter than the VL, doesn’t require adhesive or screws, can be installed by end-user with no training, charging is via USB, features an activating infrared sensor, and has an SOS mode. The Vesper comes with a multipurpose case that’s protect the unit whenstored and transported. This product is compatible with all Ocean Reef IDMs from the Space and Neptune lines (see SKU’s: OEDNSG, OEDSES, and OEDNSGK).

The Vesper is powered with three 30-lumen X LED’s that have a 15-degree beam angle, with a color temperature of 5000-degrees K and a 100,000-hour LED life expectancy. This unique light illuminates the face of the user to allow being identified (while not blinding the diver). The battery pack contains a rechargeable 3.7v 500mAh lithium polymer battery that provides 2-hours and 45-miuntes of burn time, and has a 3 to 4-hour recharge time via a magnetic charging cable. The battery will provide 600 cycles (80%) with a shelf-life of 2-years.

This ultra-light, ultra-compact lighting system provides extra brightness when diving in low-light or night diving conditions. The SOS function can be extremely handy in a stressful or emergency situation. SOS is easy to activate by blocking the lights optical sensor for 5 or more seconds. The face lighting window with the three LED’s has an optical sensor and a red charging LED. On the rear of the lighting system is an on/off button and charging port with protective cap. Elastic strap for head and wrist/hand: The wrist/hand/head mount is an extra feature that Ocean Reef thought would be cool to give to their customers, but it is an “extra” so do not expect it to be a primary function of the product. The Vesper Light System measure (L x W x H) 3.54″ x 1.38″ x 1.18″ (8.99cm x 3.5cm x 2.99cm), has a usable temperature range of 32-degrees F to 140-degrees F (0-degrees C to 40-degrees C), and is depth rated to 180′ (60m). Included with the Vesper Light are the magnetic USB charging cable, activation strap, multifunctional protective case with additional elastic strap and owner’s manual.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.




  • Vesper Fully Integrated Secondary Diving Light:
  • Lightweight, Powerful, Easy-to-Use
  • Fully Integrated Secondary Diving Light
  • Reduced Size & Patent Pending Placement Inside Mask: Results-In Unit-That Increases Negative Buoyancy of System
    Is Incredibly Comfortable
  • Smaller & Lighter than Ocean Reef Visor Light (VL)
  • Requires Np-Adhesive or Screws
  • Installed-by End-User w/No Training
  • Activated-by Infrared Sensor
  • SOS Mode for Emergency Situations
  • Charging via USB Cable
  • Multipurpose Case: For Protection, Storage & Transported
  • Compatible w/All Ocean Reef IDMs from Space & Neptune Lines
  • For Compatible Masks: See SKU’s: OEDNSG, OEDSES, & OEDNSGK
  • Three 30-Lumen X LED’s
  • 15-Degree Beam Angle
  • Color Temperature: 5000-Degrees K
  • 100,000-Hour LED Life Expectancy
  • Unique Light System:
    Illuminates Face of User
    Allows Easy Identification Of Diver
    Won’t Blind Divers View
  • Rechargeable 3.7v 500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Burn Time: 2-Hours & 45-Miuntes
  • Recharge Time: 3 to 4-Hour
  • Charging Cable: East to Use Magnetic USB
  • Battery: Provides 600 Cycles (80%) w/Shelf-Life of 2-Years
  • Ultra-Light, Ultra-Compact Lighting System
  • Provides Extra Brightness when Diving-In Low-Light or Night Diving Conditions
  • SOS Function:
    Handy-In Stressful or Emergency Situation
    Easy Activation
    Activation: Block Optical Sensor for 5 or More Seconds
  • Face Lighting Window (Front):
    Optical Sensor
    Red Charging LED
  • Rear of Lighting System:
    On/Off Button
    Charging Port w/Protective Cap
  • Elastic Strap for Head & Wrist/Hand Mounting
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.54″ x 1.38″ x 1.18″ (8.99cm x 3.5cm x 2.99cm)
  • Usable Temperature Range:
    32-Degrees F to 140-Degrees F
    0-Degrees C to 40-Degrees C
  • Depth Rating: 180′ (60m)
  • Includes:
    Magnetic USB Charging Cable
    Activation Strap
    Multifunctional Protective Case
    Elastic Strap
    Owner’s Manual

NOTE: Per Ocean Reef, “These lights are not designed to be a primary light source” but we find them to be a great primary.  You should always have a back up though.


Ocean Reef


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Ocean Reef VESPER – INTEGRATED HEADLIGHT (User or Factory installed)(24800), $289

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