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Sherwood BLIZZARD PRO Regulator SRB9950 (or SRB9950D-CE for DIN) $474.95



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Choose Yoke or DIN 1st Stage

The new Sherwood Blizzard Pro is a completely new design and ready for cold water.

We only sell Reg’s with Dry / Environmentally 1st stages and this is one of the best! Why would you want internal Corrosion, Dirt, or Freezing? Feel differently? Go to our Blog and change our minds!

ASK US HOW THE “FREE PARTS FOR LIFE WORKS”.  In short, your product needs to be “inspected” by an Authorized Sherwood Dealer with a trained Sherwood Technician every 1 year and “Overhauled” or have what some shops call the “Annual” done every 2 years. You pay for labor and shipping only.

Sherwood Blizzard Pro Regulator SRB9950 (or SAA9300 for DIN)


The new Sherwood Blizzard Pro is completely new design and ready for cold water. The Blizzard’s new 2nd stage proprietary valve design has been tested in the most rigorous conditions and continues to perform extraordinarily well. Both in the laboratory and in conducted testing the Sherwood Blizzard has stood up to every test. The larger diaphragm and purge cover provide easy breathing. And the diver operated Venturi control allow the diver to adjust the setting. The Blizzard’s 1st stage is a completely dry and environmentally sealed 1st stage that avoids 1st stage icing and maintains a clean interior. No gels or liquids to seal the Piston 1st stage design.

2nd Stage Features

  • Single Valve Tube Construction provides a precise channel for the poppet to travel.
  • Reverse demand lever moves the pivot point from the hose fitting to the venturi adjustment side reduces freezing opportunity.
  • Injection molded thermoplastic rubber seat is harder than silicone seats and maintains its shape and does not coin as deeply.
  • Large co-molded mouthpiece uses two different silicone’s color tabs reduces jaw fatigue.
  • Diver operated flow control switch.
  • Free Parts for Life (Restrictions Apply).

1st Stage Features

  • Balanced flow by piston delivers ample air volume at stable intermediate pressure to the second stage over a wide range of supply pressures.
  • Spring chamber is environmentally sealed to maintain cleanliness reducing the effects of corrosion and contamination. This contributes to uniform high performance as the regulator is used.
  • Dry-sealed first stage uses no liquids or gels that can leak or add to service costs.
  • Tee-shaped design reduces regulator profile when mounted on tank.
  • Four LP ports and two HP ports for more options for ideal hose positioning.
  • Nitrox compatible up to 40%.





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Sherwood BLIZZARD PRO Regulator SRB9950 (or SRB9950D-CE for DIN) $474.95

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