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Sherwood CRUX BCD, CRX40 / 50 (40 or 50 Lbs bladder) $659.95

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CRUX – CRX40 or CRX50 (40 or 50 Lbs. bladder

The Sherwood Crux is a BCD designed with the diver in mind, the sizing is practically infinite and it’s packed with features. Dive light weight and streamlined in warmer waters or add additional trim weight pockets and dive in colder waters. This modular BC is easy to disassemble and assemble to pack small for travel. The fit, form, and function are unlike any BCD on the market today.

As usual, we only sell 2 tank strap BCD’s and this is one of the best!

I have dived with a Dive Rite TransPac with either a Travel or Voyager bladder for 20 plus years and love it. THIS SHERWOOD CRUX is the closest and best to the Dive Rite that I have ever used; it is fantastic. Customizable, comfortable, great looking. Wayne Harwood,

The CRUX BC is Pro-Kit Ready and can accommodate the Sherwood Gemini Breathable Inflator for an additional charge.

Totally Customizable

There are only four sizes that fit all those body types.  One of the keys to fitting such a broad range of sizes is how the shoulder straps and waist straps are designed and connect to the harness through tri-glides that allow for unique and endless adjustments. The Crux can fit some one who is 5’0 & 90lbs all the way up the 6’8″ & 300 lbs.

While most BCDs increase in waist and shoulder length together as the size of the BCD increases,  the Crux can fit you properly no matter the combination of your height or waist circumference.  Whether you are tall or short; thin or have a bit more to love, the Crux can provide the perfect fit for you.


MARS (Micro-Adjust Retention System) Easy to adjust shoulder and waist straps provide a custom fit to any diver for any condition.
-Only the features you want. All options are customizable and can be added or removed based on your needs.
-Adjustable shoulder straps with Molle Chain for full customization and multiple connection points
-3D Back-Inflation Air-Cell. The unique air cell provides 40 or 50 lbs. of lift without big and bulky wings.
-Neoprene-wrapped neck roll for comfort with or without a wetsuit
-Padded and ergonomic backpad supports Diver’s lumbar
-Three separate connection points allow Sternum Strap Height to be adjusted to Diver’s preference
-Ditchable and non-releasing trim weight pockets.
-Compact drop down mesh pocket stays out of the way until you need it.
-Sliding epaulette can be repositioned along the corrugated hose to optimized position to Diver’s preference.
-System ready for AKONA Pro Kits and Quick Clips.
-Weight – 9.3 lb. /4.2 kg (Large Harness with 50 lb. air cell and Long Strap Set – Includes Long Shoulder Straps, Long Waist Straps, Mesh Pocket, Knife Mount & Large Retractor Pocket)

For your Future Dives that are out of this World . . .

Future, meet the Crux. It’s like diving without a BCD… except you are. Our revolutionary BCD is streamlined and can be customized
to fit any body type. Truly brilliant.

For whatever your dive adventure is that day. Available in four straps color options that are interchangeable to match your gear. (Black, Magenta, Tiffany and Steel Blue).

The Crux can be adjusted for any diving environment. You want to dive in the warm waters in Fiji with no wetsuit or Ice Dive in Tobermory, Canada with a dry suit? No problem!

WARNING: Safe use of BCs with integrated weights requires a complete understanding of their operation and limitation. Consult the BC operating manual and your diving instructor to be certain you understand how to weight yourself properly and what to do in an emergency. Failure to understand and act appropriately could result in serious injury or death.




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Sherwood CRUX BCD, CRX40 / 50 (40 or 50 Lbs bladder) $659.95

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