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TUSA regulators

Rob from our store is a TUSA certified repair tec for TUSA. From selling and being trained by TUSA as a repair tec we know it is a very good brand of products.


Intova “Nova” Aluminum Torch (Wide Angle Beam)

Every customer The Scuba Diver Store has sold this light to just loves it. Most divers started using this light as a backup light on their BC and converted to using it as their primary light. It is so small, so light, yet so powerful. Scuba Divers love it so much The Scuba Diver Store can’t keep them in stock. The Scuba Diver Store also has had referral and repeat sales over and over on this one. (Takes two CR123A Lithium batteries sold everywhere.)


Canon cameras and lens

Members of The Scuba Diver Store staff have used Canon cameras since 1974 and found them to have superior optics through the years. Current models still live up to that reputation with us with their superior optics. Even if you are used to the old metal body of past times, you will find as we have that the body is still well made and holds up well under use. The Scuba Diver Store staff has 2 Canon SLR’s in use and are very brand loyal. You will not be unhappy with any of the Canon models The Scuba Diver Store carries.  If you own a Canon you literally see a difference.


Princeton Tec LED lights

The Scuba Diver Store sells a ton of these. A good reasonably priced product. Great lifetime guarantee!!!!


Cressi-Sub Reaction fins

Want a great hundred dollar set of fins with quality, performance, durability and color, color, color … buy the Cressi-Sub Reaction fins from The Scuba Diver Store.

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