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Some manufactures support Brick and Mortar stores, but many dive brands don’t, they directly compete with the Dive Retailer for each sale. We all know consumers like to research products online and when they do, many times they will end up on a manufacturers website where the consumer can purchase it directly from the manufacturer. That SUCKS !! This scenario makes for an extremely competitive market for the traditional small store, the Brick and Mortar Dive Retailer.

My point, buy from the small store, ask for a lower price, lets not loose the small dive shops any further, not turn the industry into a huge Amazon type retailer.

Find a Local Retailer on the manufacturers site and email or call them. We, by the way are on all the Dealer Search areas of all our Brands.

Find us and we’ll deal with you !!

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High ticket items have a high percentage of card fraud use that we can’t afford. We may contact you to show us the card you used via photo with your thumb over most of the numbers, yet showing the last 4 numbers. Our system only shows us the last 4. We will request this of new customers that purchase over $700