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Scuba Diving Celebrities:

Leonardo DiCaprio: Even before filming “The Titanic” Leo had already obtained his Certification. Most of his diving relates to endeavors aimed at environmental protection. Quite the Role Model . . . at least underwater.

Kate Winslet: She also has her Scuba Diving Certification and has a love for diving that she says has allowed her to see the beauty of marine life up close and personal.

Tom Cruise: When not doing his own movie stunts or flying his own planes, he unwinds while Scuba Diving. If you may have seen, he is quite the Free Diver, as shown in the latest Mission Impossible movie where he held his breath for over 6 minutes . . . yes that was really him and it was real . . . a real 6+ minutes.

Katie Holmes: being married for a short time to Tom Cruise . . . understandably a diver.

Will Smith: He notes that he has dove in many various locations around the world.

James Cameron: Very early on in his life he moved to California and began Scuba Diving.

Penelope Cruz: She dives during her vacations. The Caribbean and Brazil are her noted spots.

Matthew McConaughey: He is an avid diver as you may have seen in the movie “Fool’s Gold” a funny and great movie. If you have not seen it, make a point to watch.

Kate Hudson: she became a diver when needing to learn for the above-mentioned film “Fool’s Gold”.

Jessica Alba: is a PADI Advanced Open Water diver. If you have not seen the Movie “Into the Blue” I highly recommend it. She did that film with the late Paul Walker and Scott Caan.

Scott Caan: as mentioned above was in the “Into the Blue” film and is an avid diver.

Paris Hilton: Right around 2008 she obtained her PADI Certification. She says it is her way to escape to a serene and captivating world.

Sandra Bullock: she being a diver is a bit more expected than Paris Hilton, but not much.

Tom Selleck: need absolutely no introduction, but has been a diver since the early 80’s, Loves it.

Tom Hanks: he dives mostly for leisure and learned because of movie rolls, but a surprise to us, yes.

Tiger Woods: this surprised us a bit, although when you think about all the dive shops and dive spots near his Jupiter Florida home, no surprise.

Steven Tyler: the lead singer of the band Aerosmith dives quite often. Even at the young age of 75, he dives.

Neil Diamond: although he no longer dives, he has been an avid diver for decades.

Kevin Costner: famous of course for various movies, he dives whenever he can. We know from personal experience that he uses Atomic Aquatics as his regulator. But then I assume he can afford it, lol.

Jason Statham: does this surprise anyone? One only needs to look at his Social Media accounts to see he is an avid Scuba Diver.

The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar: he has been with various bands, most notably Van Halen, BUT we like all his other songs too. We know he loves diving and does so often.  

Rick Springfield: a very good friend of Sammy’s, he dives quite often.

Salma Hayek: started diving when she was just 10 years old.

David Hasseloff: no surprise here; “Baywatch” would have given him a perfect start to diving, but he became an avid diver long before that.

Other Scuba Divers we know of:

Blake Lively,

Emma Thompson,

Emily Blunt,

Edward Norton,

Pierce Brosnan,

Last but not least:

Prince William,

Kate Middleton,

Jon Bonjovi and his wife Dorothea,

Chas Smith,

Nino B from the Red Hot Chili Peppers,

Tommy Lee,

Pamala Anderson,

Heather Locklear,

Richie Sambora,


Chuck Norris,

Jessica Beal,

Ted Nugent,

Kelly Cucco,

Mayim Bialik,

Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Tiger Woods, (Grew up near us in Brown Deer Wisconsin, a good friend and PADI instructor, Jerry taught him,

LL Cool Jay

Alexandra Daddario


Bill Gates

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